Thursday, 18 February 2010

Step Away From EBay

Winter is returning here to the midlands. For a blissful few days, the sun has shone and allowed us to dream of daffodils and blossom. No more. The snow clouds are gathering, and we are expecting the white stuff at some point late this afternoon. The girls are making the most of the dry weather and busily burrowing in to my giant plant pots. Tsk.

The babies are snug in the garage, and have made a few forays in to the garden during the sunny spells. The big girls have watched developments cautiously, but so far no feathers have been pulled and no chicks have been flattened. I like to think that the older flock members are now a little jaded by introductions, and just can't be bothered. Still, it pays to keep a close eye on things, at least until CeCe and Purdy are of equal size.

The house remains unsold, frustratingly. I have made enquiries about a walk in run, and am eager to get my hands on it. I know that there is no point in rearranging my set up here, yet I find myself drawn to ebay. I find myself entering 'incubator' and 'frizzle pekin' in to the search bar. In the latter's case, cute, shuttle-cock type pictures pop up, making me go 'Awwwwww'. The ever tolerant husband ignores this activity, although he has one eye on the paypal account.

Probably wise.


  1. A Frizzle Pekin?? No way! That would be just toooo cute! ;-)I hope your house sells soon - at least you are getting viewings which is more than some. Fingers crossed all your chickeny dreams come true for you soon xx

  2. Oh, they are absolutely gorgeous! Look a bit like they've been in a hurricane. I have wanted one for two years! Virtually impossible to source, so will try hatching my own asap after we move :)

  3. Yes, I hope your house sells soon too. I have been there waiting for the house to sell. I figured there was someone out there who was looking for my house I just wished they would hurry up an find it.

    I love that chicken in your header!