Sunday, 7 February 2010

Few Sunday Pics

I've been outside today scrubbing the Convent, and managed to get a few pics of the girls. Enjoy.

Purdy ad Celia in ther bizarre, glowing red world. The heat lamp is above the shavings in the corner. They remain suspicious of the ramp in to the mini coop.

A close up of the two newest recruits, busy getting bigger.

Kiki, the nosiest silkie, who would quite like to eat the camera.

Maeve, aka ASBO Chicken, posing artfully. She is not totally through her moult yet, as you can see by her less than full cushion. Some of her new feathers have very feint white tips, but her mottled gene must be regressive. Gorgeous beetle green sheen to her feathers in the sunlight.

Doris (who is very camera shy), Maeve and the magnificent Maude. Doris only seems to have had a partial moult this year. Maude's new plummage is even more beautiful than last year, although technically she's the least perfect example of the pekin shape.

All of the established flock. Mabel and Maude on the bench, Margot lurking under the cherry tree and Maeve, Doris and Kiki giving me a watchful eye.


  1. Your chickens are very pretty! I think they must really enjoy the heat lamp.

  2. Thanks :) I adore my girls. Do you keep hens?