Sunday, 21 February 2010

Maeve Has Lost Her Mojo

So, I've just been back and checked, and its been 16 days since I first noticed that Maeve wasn't herself. There is still no obvious sign of illness, and she is eating and drinking. However, she seems quite half hearted when running for treats, and is generally pretty quiet. This is most out of character.

She pootles about the garden with the others, but retreats to the coop every so often. Sometimes I find her in the nest box, but she's just as likely to be perching. Her crop appears fine, as does her vent. There is no discharge or smell from her head, and I've noticed no unusual droppings in the coop. She hasn't lost weight.

As far as I can tell, there is no bullying (who would dare?). She's just not herself. I've been putting poultry spice and garlic powder in the pellets, in the hope of boosting her a bit. No change, as far as I can see. She has come through her moult now, but is not yet back in lay. She's about a year old.

Any ideas?


  1. Do you think she could be turning broody? One of my young hybrids done exactly this... was off lay and a bit peeky for a couple of weeks, then laid about 5 eggs and went broody. I didn't think hybrids could go broody. Naive is not even the word... From that point I spend most of last summer plocking her on the lawn and dunking her in buckets of water to try and awake her from her self induced broody-like coma! Good luck x

  2. I'm wondering about her being broody....Although she does seem a bit more herself today (I have the pecked hand to show for it!)

  3. Ah - she is very beautiful. Hope she is in better spirits soon. The broody explanation sounds the most likely one.