Sunday, 26 February 2012

Tough Times, And I'm Posting After Wine

This is hard to post, but post I must. After lots of tooing and froing both here and in real life, and much angst, I will be parting with four of my girls. Celia, Gladys, Winnie and Flo will be heading to pastures new as soon as a good home can be found. I've posted an ad on Preloved with a heavy heart, and once they are gone I will be selling the Palace and buying a smaller, less grand home for the remaining hens. I should also be listing the serama for sale, but at the last minute I just couldn't do it. Serama are so little, surely no one will even notice them?

I'm not sure what will happen next.

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  1. This year has been quite overwhelming for you. There are times in our life when a meltdown is earned. Give yourself ample time for such pleasure once you have to release your grasp from the last one to go, Hon. And your family will just have to learn about the experience called "resilience and self-reliance" if need be - until you're up to par, again. So what if the child chose lima bean green blouse to go with the aqua pair of pants...and purple socks. I mean..really! Have you taken a look at the Goth fashions, lately? Lmao! LIFE will survive. So will you. So will the featherbits. And so will the family. Trust me. They'll abide. "If Mama ain't happy - ain't nobody happy!" Truth to life in the south over here! ;) Face your grief. But search for compensation in the way of something that makes you smile again! And by then - if the family has latched on to any sense of resiliency... they'll beg you to go for it! (If you don't see THAT happening on its own... be sure and MAKE it happen!)