Saturday, 13 February 2010

First Free Range

If you could call it that! It's fairly mild here today, so while I cleaned out the brooder, I thought I'd let our latest additions have some fresh air. They stood very still for five minutes, and ambled about in a circle for another five before I popped them back in. I had already secured the rest of the flock in the Convent grounds (much to their disgust), and Mabel patrolled the fence, making her 'I'm the boss! What are they doing here?! I didn't sanction this!' etc noises. The rest of the girls watched intently.

Celia and Purdy's first taste of freedom. They were distinctly underwhelmed.


  1. Thanks :) Their plummage is going to be stunning once they reach maturity. For once, the girls are prettier than the boys with this colour!

  2. The little chicks do look lost. But cute! My daughter and I wondered what breed of chicken is in your header photo. She is a beautiful hen!

  3. She is a millefleur pekin :) That pic was taken last year, before her first moult. That is the mighty Mabel, my top hen. There are some more up to date pics of her from last week. A lot more white has come through in her plummage now, and she is pet quality rather than show winning.