Thursday, 22 July 2010

We Have A Chick!

Early this morning, we came downstairs to find a tiny, soggy chick flopping about in the incubator. Every so often, it lifts it's head and cheeps at us, before dragging itself about to bash it's siblings' eggs. Another one has pipped, so now there is only one stubbonly refusing to get on with coming in to the world.

The chick is super cute, and growing stronger by the minute. I fear that my determination not to get attached has already gone out of the window. This is bad news, especially as the chick has a tiny serated comb. Arse. Still, I have a good few weeks to find new homes for any boys, and I'm hoping that it will be possible.

The children (and ever tolerant husband) are fascinated. I am trying to be quite blase about the whole affair, but in reality it is an amazing thing. Three weeks ago, this tiny, wobbly baby chicken was no more than the average egg. Miraculous.

You can just make out the tiny crack that the chick had made in the egg at around 8.30 yesterday morning.

This is what we found this morning at 6am.

I hope to have more birth announcements by the end of the day.


  1. Fantastic :) Chicks never stop being cute or hatching from being exciting and amazing.

    Congratulations heres hoping for all girls!

  2. Well done you happy Mothers day