Sunday, 4 July 2010

Day 1/Day 2

Yesterday was not a good day. The temperature in the incubator was hovering around the 40C mark, occasionally nudging towards the fatal 41C. I opened windows and doors, fiddled with the incubator and eventually added water to up the humidity and lower the temp. Nothing much worked.

As afternoon rolled in to evening, the temp slid down to a perfect 38.5C. I was dispondent, and more or less accepting of the fact that my eggs would be ruined. However, some wonderful people on the Omlet forum told me not to give up hope, so I have persevered. Today, I kept the incy a little bit open, and the temp has reached a maximum of 39.5C during the hottest part of the day. This isn't perfect, but it shouldn't be fatal. Hopefully, because the temp issue has occurred so early on, no serious harm will have occurred.

If I seem particularly optimistic, it's because I am. What I have yet to mention, is that this morning I candled the eggs. I did so with a heavy heart, fearing that they would all be curdled. However, three of the eggs had clearly defined dark spots, and several fine veins. The other three were harder to see. I think that the shells on these eggs are thicker, and it's just too early to see much. With renewed determination, I replaced the eggs and have kept a close eye on the temp, adjusting as necessary.

The brooding continues.

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