Friday, 2 July 2010

Day 0

Sometimes life surprises you. Today I recieved a humidity gauge in the post, sent by a fellow poultry lover I know through Twitter. I am deeply touched by this act of kindness, and delighted that I can now stare obsessively at the little dial, worrying about any tiny deviation. My anxiety needs direction.

Today is officially day 0, or the day on which the eggs are set. The incy has been running since wednesday evening without problems, but upon measuring the humidity it was reading at 60%. This is a bit too high, so I emptied the water well and allowed it to run 'dry'. This has brought the level down to between 40% and 50%, which is the best I can hope for in this weather I suspect. The eggs have been marked with an R and an L, so that as I turn them I can keep track. I lovingly placed them in the incy just after lunch.

The digital thermometer for the incy has not shown up yet, so I have been checking the temp with an oral digital thermometer. I think the temp is right. I hope the temp is right. When the proper thermometer arrives, I will be reluctant to check it officially, just in case I've got it hideously wrong. I am happy in my ignorance.

Kiki has gotten over her broody spell, and decided to celebrate by exploding all over the garden. She resembles a moth eaten feather duster, and the other hens are all accented by stray silkie fluff. Doris did a disturbed lap of the garden earlier in an attempt to shake one from her forehead. I had to take pity on her in the end and remove it. Maeve has decided that any in flight feathers are edible, and can be seen energetically jumping after any which get taken by a breeze as Kiki road-runners past. The coop has drifts of fluff at its corners.

I may take the dyson to her tomorrow.

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