Thursday, 1 July 2010

...And We're Off!

Yesterday, I set up my tiny incubator in the garage and let it run over night. I measured the temp with a normal mercury thermometer, and the reading was far too high. Adding another thermometer, I got a reading that was far too low. So I have a digital hatching thermometer on its way. I have moved the incy in to the living room in the hope that the more stable temperature will be more suitable than the garage, where the day temps were fine but the night temps were fluctuating rather too much.

The eggs are here! And, I didn't drop them! Yet. Ahem. They are currently resting, pointed end down, in an egg box in the kitchen (hoping that the humidity will be a bit higher). Some of the eggs are a bit long and pointy, so not ideal, but I'm going to set them anyway and see what happens.

           The tiny covatutto 6 incy, my accidental ebay purchase. The light bulb is the heat source.

The eggs. Four seem to be a good shape and size to me, while the other two are a little questionable.

Tomorrow afternoon, I hope to be setting them. Wish me luck!

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