Saturday, 24 July 2010

Feather Sexing

Today the peeps are two days old. I have attempted to feather sex them, as per the link. I have drawn my own early conclusions. Let's see if anyone else out there agrees with me.

The lavender chick, number two to hatch.

The first chick to hatch.

Number three.

Place your!


  1. First pic looks like a female ...

  2. I think one and two are girls. Well, judging by feathers! :) It'll be a few weeks yet before I can be sure....

  3. I have 3 chicks too, and i can't tell if their girls or boys, (or both). All of their primary feathers seem to be longer than the secondary feathers, but all girls? that seems to good to be true!

  4. pic 1 GIRL
    pic 2 BOY
    pic 3 BOY