Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Punk Chicken

Yep, Mini has a purple mohican again. I propped open the nest box to watch my two broodies and observed Belinda basically trying to eat Mini from the comb down. Mini is in such a state of broodiness that apparently the threat of being cannibalised isn't enough of an incentive to move from the nest. As Lindy systematically noshed Mini's bonce, the resigned weaker hen merely growled in a half hearted way. I gave Belinda a poke for being such an evil little witch before reaching for the gentian violet. Mini has gone all emo.

I suspect that this deliberate attempt to slowly dispatch Mini has been caused by Belinda's belief that Mini has stolen her eggs. Before the vicious eating began, Belinda was rootling around under Mini's feathers. She stuck her head under the sitting hens wings, and even leaned against her in an effort to push her off the nest. Belinda, in her hormonal frenzy, has forgotten that she has no eggs to be stolen.

Just my luck to have two demented chooks fighting over imaginary eggs.

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