Monday, 25 May 2009

Belinda Is Doing Time

Lindy has now been determinedly broody for 7 weeks. Apart from the fact that it's annoying, because she doesn't lay any eggs, it's also not good for her. She has lost a considerable amount of weight, and her feathers have become dull and scruffy. Belinda needs to come out of her hormonal craziness, and soon. Hence why she is currently pacing like a mad chicken inside a wire cage, constructed by the ever tolerant husband.

There are many reasons why Belinda is unhappy with this arrangement. For starters, there is no cosy nest box, just a wire floor so that the wind can cool her under carriage. There is also no shelter of any kind, so no comfy place to build a nest. There is food and water, but nothing to perch on. She can sit and she can pace, but she can do neither in chicken comfort. Plus, the others seem to take great delight on sitting on the top of her prison, or stretching out next to it in a manner which suggests mocking the poor little hen.

Hopefully, Lindy's stay in the clink will be reasonably brief. Within three days, she should get so uncomfortable and fed up that she'll go off the idea of nest sitting altogether and rejoin the flock.

And once the cell is free, Mini will be paying it a visit.

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