Friday, 15 May 2009

Mystery Solved

I wish to report a theft. Someone has stolen Mini. She has been replaced with an evil doppelganger. I am no longer greeted by my friendly little splash hen when I go out to the coop. She doesn't sit with her head to one side making that distinctive 'Brum' (kids tv programme) noise or try to sit on my shoulder when I hang out the washing. No, this new evil doppelganger does not want to be my friend.

Instead, she sits in the never-used nestbox, bum up in the air and head pulled right in to her body. If I lift the lid to check on Belinda, the Other Mini shrieks at me and raises all her feathers in a display of chicken aggression. This banshee-chicken won't lay any eggs, but will steal anyone else's. In fact, this Mini has even impressed Belinda with her hormonal insanity.

Judging by the fact that Belinda has now been broody for over a month, I suspect that my lovely friendly Mini will be on an extended holiday, perhaps showing her face again at some time in July. Yep, Mini has caught broody.

Thank gawd she isn't ill again!

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