Friday, 8 May 2009

The Aftermath

Well, Maeve got a pecking. I got back from the school run to find her stood on the ramp, a tiny cut on her face. The others were ignoring her and scratching about in the easibed, trying to look innocent. As soon as I opened the door, Maeve shot out of the run and high tailed it down to the greenhouse, jumping at the glass desperate to escape the little monsters. The others sauntered out, scratching and pecking at the lawn, swaggering with evil chicken pride. Maeve had been put in her place.

I loathe introductions. It's stressful, horrible to watch and can so easily turn into chicken murder. However, it pays to persevere. Maeve may have a small cut, but she might have easily done that herself in her attempts to escape. I haven't witnessed any really nasty attacks, and this seems more like an initiation than full on intent to maim. So, at school run time she's going back in.

Now the question is, will she ever forgive me?

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