Monday, 6 April 2009

Update On Mini's Health

Doris, Belinda and Maude in chicken prison.

Suddenly realised that I've gone a bit quiet on the chook health front. Rest assured that this isn't my attempt to shield you from armageddon-like chook deaths, but just that I forgot. Which, if you think about it, must be a good thing.

Mini is wheezing considerably less. She is eating and drinking her medicine like a good chicken, and has also put on a bit of padding around the breastbone. Mabel has stopped firing goblets of snot across the garden, and the others are all fine. The tylan course finishes tomorrow, so hopefully we are out of the woods. About blooming time, quite frankly. Mini even laid a teeny egg yesterday, definite proof of a hen on the mend. Sick chickens don't bother wasting energy on eggs.

I really hope now that I've written this down that there isn't a sudden relapse. I'm not ashamed to admit to being a bit superstitious when it comes to my girls.

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