Thursday, 9 April 2009

An Ongoing Battle

Belinda is teetering on the edge of full blown broodiness. If I turf her out of the nest box, she potters for a bit and eats, but if she catches sight of the coop, she legs it back up the ramp to make herself comfy. I imagine that while she sits buried in the wood shavings, she's dreaming of cute baby chicks. Now I have a fresh appreciation of the word 'broody'. Lindy is totally single minded. She can think of nothing but chicken motherhood. I actually feel quite sorry for her.

Doris pops her head into the coop to counsel her pal, clucking in a reassuring manner before wandering off again. She is definitely the kindest to Belinda's predicament. Mabel tends to barge in, sit on Lindy 'til her eyes bulge and she is forced to move, and then complain loudly that she can't lay her egg in solitude. Maude doesn't complain, but tends to sit on her anyway. Mini has decided that she wants no part of a broody Belinda, and has laid in the oft neglected other nest box. I don't blame her, Belinda isn't that nice to her when she isn't hormonal and crazed.

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