Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Gratuitous Chick Pics

Being as though I have spent all day watching the new additions, I thought I'd force lots of pictures on you lot too. Like a new mother brandishing albums full of junior being sick, here I come. And there is no escape. Mwahahahahaha!

Here we have Hoppy, 3 days old, and back in his shoe to see if we can straighten that middle banana toe a bit more.

This is the new chick, as yet un-named even temporarily, a mere 16 hours post-hatch.

Vera shows Hoppy how to eat: 'You open your face. Like this'.

Hoppy is a quick learner.

Hoppy attempts the serama pose, but looks a bit odd without any impressive feathers.

Although he is wearing very fetching 'Adam Ant' style make-up.

Holding claws.

I like to think of this look as 'Come any closer to my offspring, human, and you'll lose something fleshy'.

Handsome little devil, isn't he?

Catching up on the rugby scores.

It's the amazing six-legged chicken!

Well, chick 2 keeping warm anyway.


I have lots more. Run. Run away while you still can!


  1. Lovely photos but ..... newspaper as flooring is a bad idea as it's too slippy for chicks. An old tea towel or towel are fine, as is normal chook bedding :)

  2. Awwww - see the love - I love your chickens xx

  3. Thanks Jools :) I did wonder if it was ok, and they seem to be managing, but I might chuck in an old towel just to be sure ;)

  4. Just gorgeous! <3