Monday, 16 May 2011

Could These Be The Most Delicate Chicks In The World?

Now, don't get me wrong. I knew what I was getting myself in to when I decided to try and hatch some serama. I knew that getting a decent hatch rate was nigh on impossible without very expensive incubators and years of experience. I also knew that they would have kamikaze tendencies that would require my constant supervision. But I underestimated the sheer range of ways in which they could attempt to dispatch themselves.

Today's novel way of giving me white hair involves eyes. Sylvie, the younger chick, was discovered by yours truly staggering around the hutch earlier with both eyes shut. Now, I don't pretend to know how chicks choose to entertain themselves, but I'm guessing that 'blind mans buff' isn't one of them. With a weary sigh, I scooped up the blind chick. It promptly pooed on me in fright, as it hadn't seen me coming.

I looked at the chick's fused eyelids with concern. Gently, I pulled the eyelids apart. Sylvie looked back at me impassively. Vera gave a severe peck to my knuckle just to remind me who's baby I was holding. Replacing the now seeing chick, I went off to google this odd symptom. After several minutes of searching, and getting nowhere fast, I went out to check on the serama family again. This time I found both chicks running about the hutch with one eye closed. Like they were playing pirates. Vera seemed unconcerned by her offspring's antics, and once again with gentle persuasion they could both open both eyes.

Several more times today I have found Sylvie eating, drinking and walking about with his/her eyes closed. Perhaps this is just a bizarre way of entertaining itself and it certainly seems adept at avoiding walking in to things. Or perhaps she's sleepwalking. Either way, both chicks now have to suffer having both ends bathed in warm water.

If they make it to their one month birthday, I will throw a party.

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