Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Coming Of Age

The serama chicks are now 3 weeks old. Although they are still a little young to know for certain whether they are male or female, it's possible now to make an educated guess.

So, this is the chick currently known as Hoppy. I am desperate for this to be a girl, as this is the baby with a deformed foot. I have a bit of a soft spot for the more pathetic specimens, so naturally I'm terribly fond of little Hoppy. Despite the curled toes, this chick can seriously move if there's food in the offing.

And here we have the younger chick, known currently as Sylvie. Although I suspect that this is going to be a chap. So perhaps we should switch to Silvio so as to not confuse him/it. This chick has the better stance, although isn't as bold as Hoppy.

So, any opinions welcome. But please tell me Hoppy is a girl. Or I shall cry.


  1. definately a girl- check out that glamorous eyeliner for one thing!

    Holly x

  2. Hoppy looks all chick to me. Ha ha. She's a cutie.