Saturday, 5 February 2011

Tiny Chickens Rock

I have been to Worcester today to pick up my Valentine's day present from the ever tolerant husband. Now, can you say 'awwwwwwww'?

Introducing Betsy, a 7 month old serama hen already in lay.

Betsy and her pal Vera, a 4 month old serama pullet.

You can see some slight cockerel damage to Vera's wing here, and also the ever tolerant husband's foot.

Tiny ladies with attitude.

And fluffy bums.

I have tried my hardest to get a pic of them in profile, but they won't have it. They are far more interested in eating toast crumbs off the rug. Neither are show quality serama, but I think they are little beauties.

I am not quite sure what the pekins will think.


  1. Lovely! Is Vera silkied? She looks rather "shreddy" in the tail like a silkied serama does.

    Our girls are wheaten and black too; our wheatens don't have as nice a tail carriage as Betsy does, though. She's quite pretty.

  2. I think they are beautiful. We just got some teeny silkie chicks today. I forgot how tiny they start out as. Have a great weekend!

    Take care,

  3. They are so TINNNYYYYY! How cute :)

    I've just started following your blog, as it's one of the only one's I've found that's updated regularly, based in the UK and of a suitable level of obsessiveness. Lovely!

    Feel free to check my blog out - it's somewhat chicken related too (though it will soon contain crazy cat lady stories too).

  4. Both girls are silkied :D They are absolutely adorable, and very sweet.

    I've never seen such tiny chooks! Can't wait to get an egg ;)

    Aw, thanks! :) I am a bit obsessive ;)