Sunday, 27 February 2011

Betsy and Vera's New Pad

In a bid to shake off yesterdays sadness, I thought I'd show you Betsy and Vera's new home. I managed to get this hutch new from a chap on ebay who makes them in his spare time. It is of excellent quality, and literally a third of the price of the mass produced pet shop varieties. All in all, I am very pleased with it.

This video was taken by the ever tolerant husband, who also did the fifty mile round trip to collect it for me yesterday (he likes it when I tell you all how great he is). As you can see, there is a ramp between the top and bottom floors. The serama have yet to work out gravity, and keep randomly stepping in to thin air and dropping down a floor in a fetching homage to the 'RoadRunner' cartoons.

I have yet to think of a name for the new residence, so all suggestions welcome.

Vera and Betsy

The new pad.


  1. That's a great hutch, looks good and sturdy. How about 'The Cottage'. I do like the look of the seramas, am starting to feel myself tempted!!

  2. That is a nice looking condo. Sorry about the loss of your hen. Take care, Mal