Monday, 17 May 2010

The Whole Gang

Margot advances for her close up.

Maude crouching. The hussy.

Maude, the supermodel chicken.

The Palace in its new location.

Celia meets the camera dead on. From the front, chickens look weird.

Doris's extreme close up.

Kiki's broody bum. This is all we're seeing of her at the moment.

The luxurious Palace nest box row, complete with resident psychotic hen.

Maude, looking beautiful as always.

Maeve, aka ASBO chicken, dust bathing at the back of the border. There used to be a lupin there.

The chooklets, Celia and Purdy, grab the chance to fill their crops. Purdy has begun crouching, so expecting the first egg any day now.

Our illustrious leader, caught in the undignified position of laying an egg. How terribly embarassing. Like catching the Queen on the loo.

Purdy practices her tightrope walking.

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  1. Wonderful!!! I'm just ooooohing and awwwwwing so much that I made Hubby take a look! The Biddies are just gorgeous!!!