Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Chook Palace Has Arrived!!!

So, the day has finally come. The magnificent Chook Palace has finally arrived. After months of researching, planning, umming and aahing, and wheedling, my ladies have their posh pad. I have to say, I am rather pleased with it.

I had planned on moving the girls in immediately, but it is still a bit wet from its dip in a large vat of creosote substitute. Therefore, unless it dries out really quickly today, it'll be tomorrow before my girls can officially take up residence. They are studiously ignoring it at the moment, although I suspect that Maeve's curiosity will get the better of her before long.

In other news, I managed to wedge the pop hole well and truly shut last night, so we were not woken by the squawking silkies. They have won themselves a brief reprieve. I trekked around to all the neighbours yesterday, issuing heartfelt apologies and boxes of eggs in equal measure. Hopefully, this damage limitation means that there will be no official complaints.

I am dying to decorate the new Convent.


  1. It looks grand! Lots of pics of the hens first reaction please!!

  2. It is indeed a palace. I would put up with some squacking hens in the morning for some fresh eggs.