Monday, 24 May 2010

Summertime, And The Living Is Easy

Someone has broken the thermostat here in the midlands. It is ridiculously hot. Humans and chickens alike can be found in lethargic heaps. The girls amble apathetically between shadey spots, before flomping on to the ground and spreading their wings in the hope of catching some breeze. The children keep hydrated with copious amounts of ice cream. I'm keeping hydrated with shandy.

We had to travel this weekend, so the ladies were taken care of by my lovely neighbour. I spent the weekend fretting about them stuck in the Palace in this heat, and hoping that they would have enough water. I got home to find them all wandering about the garden with plenty of cool water to drink. My neighbour was sunning herself in her own garden, and could hear the girls happily pottering. I would usually be very anxious about them free ranging when I'm not here, but in this instance I was grateful. I fear that the heat was more likely to be a threat to them than any predators.

It was gone 9pm before the girls headed to bed last night, and still very warm. I left it 'til nearly dark before shutting them in, and was pleased to find that the coop interior was relatively cool. As I was leaving the run, my eye fell on the tiniest egg I have ever seen. I'm fairly certain that it was Purdy who laid it.

I believe that these tiny eggs are known affectionately as 'fart eggs'. Charming. It's unlikely to have a yolk. The children have taken it in to school today to show everyone (and no doubt to gleefully say the word 'fart' in front of their teachers), so tonight we will crack it open.

I don't think it's worth boiling it.


  1. It's hot where I am too, and it isn't really summer yet. My hens are already panting in the shade and our temps are expected to get 20+ degrees higher. How do you keep them cool?? Or do they just pant and manage?

  2. When it's really hot, I dunk them up to their wings in a bucket of cool water. They also love frozen peas/sweetcorn (a sort of chook ice lolly!). As long as they have shade and lots of water, they do manage :)

  3. Haha! Shandy? I'd stick to the ice cream but maybe that's because I'm still a kid.

    Love this blog for uncomprehendable reasons! xD

    My gramma took the chickens away but I'll get more one day. :)))