Sunday, 10 January 2010

Six Hundred And Fifty Two Is The Magic Number

It's a rather marvellous number, isn't it? Suitably impressive without being grandiose. I am a very proud chook keeper. You see, it is the total number of eggs my ladies laid in 2009.

Yes, I am that tragic. I sat down with my calculator, and added up every egg tally. That's one hundred and eight half dozen boxes. Brilliant. The ever tolerant husbanad was less impressed. As I attempted to defend my ladies by reminding him that the eggs we sold had paid for their feed and bedding throughout the summer, therefore making them partially self sufficient, he reminded me that Mini's vets bill's alone added up to more than any revenue made on the eggs. Ah.

Still, as I watch my cyclops chicken wander about the run with her head cocked at an odd angle, muttering 'meh-meh!' at no one in particular, I can't help but think that she's worth it. I am also reminded that some of those eggs were provided by flock members no longer with us, and Delilah and Belinda did their part. I hope that they are busy scoffing corn in the great chicken run in the sky.

This year, I predict that my egg total will top seven hundred.

Because I will probably aquire a few more hens....


  1. love it :-) that is a brilliant amount Marnie! No wonder you are obscenely proud! :-)
    Bet hubby isn't complaining when he is tucking into a scrummy omelette curtousy of chooks!

  2. Thanks :) I have given them an extra handful of raisins as a reward :D

  3. That's not tragic ... that's the very least we can do to mark their huge contribution to our lives!

    I have mine all laid out on a spreadsheet ... who laid what and when!

  4. Ah, it's only another chook keeper who understands egg tracking! You're right, DevonMaid, it's not tragic. It's good husbandry ;)