Thursday, 21 January 2010

New Beginnings

This week we have had some serious interest in our house. At the time of writing, it hasn't yet come to anything, but it has got me thinking. Perhaps a more rational person would be fretting over mortgages, or whether the furniture would fit into a prospective new home, or even whether the survey will throw up some horror. Not me. What has kept me awake at night is the logistics involved with moving seven small chickens.

In my defence, even the ever tolerant husband has been giving it some thought. When viewing a prospective home, he has remarked that the area nearest the garage would make the best chook garden. Without him even realising it, the hens have become a major consideration for him, too.

In an ideal world, and moving of the hens will be done under cover of darkness. Stress is a major problem with birds, and if they are dopey so much the better. The shock of waking up in new surroundings will be great enough without enduring being packed in to crates and embarking on a car journey in daylight. However, the reality is that on moving day, I have to somehow pack up the girls, dismantle the coop, transport it and reassemble it, and then move the hens. This is on top of the usual moving hassles.

It might be simpler all round to just buy a new coop.....

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  1. I'm dreading the thought of moving with three cats, eight hens and three fish ... hopefully, for us that's a few years away yet ... but it still keeps me awake at night!