Friday, 20 March 2009

A Sad Day

I took Delilah to the vets this morning to be put to sleep. She was making no real improvement, just getting thinner and more miserable looking. This morning she wouldn't even eat her weetabix, just sat gasping for air. I knew then that my nursing was keeping her alive, but not making her better. Poor D had given up.

I phoned my friend, who was an absolute star. She took the boys to school, and then came and fetched me and Delilah. She even came in to the examination room with this hysterical, crying, snot flinging woman. Thanks , Denise, you're a star x

The vet gave her the once over, and agreed that enough was enough. I left her in his capable hands, after scratching her head one last time. He didn't even charge me, I was that upset and pathetic.

I wish that this story had a happier ending.

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