Thursday, 26 March 2009

Replacing Delilah

Even though the remaining hens are all getting on, and Mini hasn't been shunned, I'm still thinking of getting another hen. I never thought I would miss Ms. Stroppyknickers, but I do. RIP Delilah, you were a cow, but you laid beautiful, tasty eggs. The flock isn't the same without your shrill shrieking and bad tempered clucking.

So, now the exciting bit. A new hen! Ooh, the possibilities! I could get a blue egg layer! Or a chocolate brown egg layer! Or a miniature Brahma, those chooks that look like they're walking upright with feathery trousers on. Ooh, or a blue laced wyandotte, with the gorgeous plumage. There are so many bantam/miniature hens available, but ultimately, my heart belongs to the pekin.

What isn't to love about pekins? They are fluffy, and cute looking. They run with a comedy waddle, head down and bum up. They are easily tamed, and curious. They even lay lovely eggs, with hardly any white. Perfect.

Now, Mabel, Maude, Doris, Belinda and Mini are all smooth featherd pekins. But there is an alternative. The frizzle.

Frizzles are a breed in their own right. They are characterised by their feathers, which curl backwards instead of laying flat. The effect is rather like a bad hair day, or an unfortunate accident with the mains. Many other breeds have had this charcteristic bred into them, including pekins. So that's what I want. A chicken that looks like it's been electrocuted. The search begins.

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