Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Only Girls Allowed

Now that our brief stint of cockerel ownership is over, I can reflect on the experience with some clarity. It was lovely to see Rocky fussing around Betsy and Vera and finding them tidbits to eat. He was charming in his behaviours and hugely entertaining. However, the early morning crowing outweighed all of the positives. I spent a week living on my nerves, so now it is lovely to go back to just enjoying my ladies.

I was a little concerned that Betsy and Vera would miss their suitor, but in typical chicken fashion they are simply enjoying the extra coop space. One thing he did manage to do was to coax the serama out of the garage. Even without their bodyguard, they are now venturing out in to the garden more often. I am still shutting the pekins in to the Palace run for the afternoon to allow the micro chooks a chance to explore unmolested, but most of the pekins seem bored of the 'eat the mini chickens' game. The 'most' was deliberate.

Anyway, today has been a warm, glorious spring day and the girls have all been making the most of it.

ASBO Chicken monopolises the dust bath while Mabel looks on.

The most unintentionally hilarious pic of Celia ever. Just how surprised does this chook look?

Betsy and Vera standing still long enough for me to get a shot. A rare occurence.

And busy stripping the border of all vegetation. Sigh.

A grubby Hilda waiting for me to turn away so that she can jump in the laundry basket for a poo. Don't ask me why, the crazy hen seems to be litter trained.

So now to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. At least until the new hatching adventure begins.

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  1. A toilet trained hen, my idea of heaven!
    lovely pics nice to see them having fun and glad your nerves are settling down now