Monday, 3 January 2011

Alternative Action

So, Doris is still buggy of eyes. Despite my best attempts to not fret about the repeat offender hen, I of course am. But I am still holding firm(ish) about trying to avoid another trip to the vet. Doris has been treated for eye issues three times in two and a half years, and has had minor untreated flare ups another two times. Quite frankly, I doubt this is an issue that will ever be 'cured'.

So instead of putting us both through the trauma of baytril dosing three times a day, I am going to try something different. Now, as a rule, I am far too cynical and practical to hold much store by complimentary/natural type remedies. When I am ill, I generally want some decent well tested drugs to make me better. But Doris has had many doses of antibiotics, and it doesn't seem to improve her overall weakness. After a tip off from a Twitter follower (Thank you, @practicalpoultry) I have ordered some Colloidal Silver.

Colloidal Silver is apparently an anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-biotic which was used widely before the discovery of penicillin. As a topical substance, it can be used on open wounds to prevent infection. It can also be ingested as a general help-all. I have found many articles online where wild claims are being made without any actual evidence (a cure for cancer! HIV! Full blown AIDS!) which makes me feel rather uneasy. However, I have also found many poultry pages where experienced breeders swear by it as a first port of call. I haven't quite worked out whether it needs firing down Doris's throat or dabbing on her eyelid yet, though, so if anyone knows anything please let me know. After finding some quite alarming pictures of blue skinned humans online during my investigations I am a little bit concerned that Doris may take on a Smurf-like appearance. Although Doris is technically a blue pekin, the term generally applies only to her feathering.

So the silver solution is ordered, and is expected through the post around Wednesday. Coupled with the garlic cloves and ACV in the drinker I am hoping to alleviate the eye problems at home, possibly incorporating eye of newt and tongue of frog.

Just call me the Chicken Witch.

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