Thursday, 12 August 2010

Some Good News, And Some Not So Good News

First, the good news. Doris seems to be responding well to the Tylan. At least, she is not getting worse and I can't hear any wheezing. The incarcerated ladies are bearing up quite well considering, restraining their protests until they clap eyes on me. I am once again scuttling about beneath window ledges in a bid to keep the peace. It's a case of cruel to be kind, however, so I am persevering.

The not so good news concerns the chicks. They are three weeks old today, and I took some more pics last night.

Chick 1.

Chick 2.

Chick 3.

As you can see, the lavender chick is looking rather red, comby and wattley. Unfortunately, the other two also look like they're heading the same way. I posted these pics on Twitter, where I have some followers who are much more experienced with chick sexing than me, and it seems that I might have three boys. Bah. I am most disappointed, especially as I was hoping to have just the one cockerel. It'll be another week before I can be totally sure, but the signs aren't good. The lavender chick is back to being Chick 2, and I am deliberately trying to distance myself from all three.

Not the best start to hatching.

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