Sunday, 29 August 2010

It Has All Worked Out Brilliantly

Yesterday was a very odd day for me. The peeps and the silkies were all rehomed with wonderful new owners within a matter of hours. While I knew that the silkies were going, the rapid leaving of the peeps was a bit of a shock. It shouldn't be, really, because a tiny pekin chick is just about the cutest thing ever next to a kitten, but still. They left home at five weeks of age, which is surely a record. The frizzle left first, and is now named Hedwig. The lavender and the black went to the same marvellous home as the silkies, and are now known as Beau and Peep. I wish them all long, happy, hen filled lives. I heard this morning that the silkies have slotted in seamlessly to their new flock, and are being courted by a silkie cockerel who can't believe his luck. I hope that they have found their best fit home.

So, last night I found myself shutting my six pekin girls in to the suddenly cavernous Palace. They were completely unmoved by the silkies departure, and things have certainly got a lot quieter in the back garden. I happily cleaned and disinfected the brooder in preparation for today. Because today, my frizzle came home.

I woke up this morning with that bubbly, excited feeling in my stomach. I joyously roused the rest of the household, and grinned my way through opening the coop and making breakfast. At this point my bubble was well and truly burst. My eldest child was unwell, and definitely not up to a 180 mile round trip to the breeder. I could have cried, or at the very least thrown a very unattractive tantrum.

Once again, the amazing ever tolerant husband stepped in, and with barely a grimace swept out of the house with the youngest on a mission to collect my frizzle. He is my hero. Two hours later, my youngest called me to say that my frizzle and a new white hen were on their way home. I might have danced around the kitchen at this point, but to be honest I can't remember. I eagerly awaited their return, and at long last they pulled in to the drive. I rushed out to catch my first glimpse.

I fell in love at first sight. My black pekin frizzle will henceforth be known as Gladys, and her white smooth feathered pal has been named Hilda by the youngest. They are absolutely gorgeous. Within minutes of being introduced in to their new home, they were exploring and eating out of our hands. They are marvellously friendly. Gladys is pleasingly scruffy, and as soft as a feather duster. Hilda is so white she hurts your eyes, although I suspect that over the coming winter months that will be rectified.

I am over the moon.

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