Monday, 27 July 2009

Moulting Mini

Mini is definitely in a normal moult, and not the victim of some nasty parasite or illness. I have been checking my little bottom hen regularly, since she went off colour about a fortnight ago. During an examination yesterday, I found something sharp sticking through her breast. Gently parting her feathers, I found several half inch spikes. These are Min's new feathers, making their slow progress through her sore skin. No wonder she's been a bit quiet. She gave me her best 'Brum' noise as if to say 'Yeah, I know. Ouch'.

I can only assume that growing plumage is a tiring business, as Mini can be regularly seen snoozing on the lawn. Her face is still a little pale, but she is eating and drinking well and still able to run for treats. Although her eyes are still swollen, so she's rubbish at picking them up. She nearly caused World War III yesterday when, in attempting to pick up a tasty morsel from the floor, she gave Mabel's foot a severe pecking. Let's just say that my mostly relaxed top hen was not amused, and all of her underlings felt her limpy wrath.

One down, five to go.

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