Friday, 10 July 2009

Maeve, Queen Of Kung Fu

The youngest member of the flock has developed a rather bizarre habit. She has taken to hiding in the shrubbery of the Convent grounds, and sitting very, very still. Then, when one of the others ambles past, she leaps out at them and attempts to kick them in the face. The unsuspecting victim usually issues a questioning 'Bok?!', before severely duffing her up. After the victim has made her displeasure known, Maeve retreats back amongst the perennials, and plots her next assault.

This would be amusing if she didn't also practice her Kung Fu skills on me. The first time the hormonally insane chook leapt out at me, I threw chicken food all over the garden in my fright. That chicken is fast. Head down, bum up she charged at me, before rearing back and booting me in the ankle. She then fell over, being a very small chicken and me being a relatively large human. Taking this as my retaliation, she strutted around my feet, feathers on end, growling. This is the chicken equivalent of 'Come on then! If you think you're hard enough!'. My little chick was taunting me.

I have to admit that this behaviour gave me pause for thought. Karate moves are usually the domain of cockerels, and this sudden (futile) aggression made me wonder if Maeve might be an under developed boy chicken. On careful examination, and the fact that she has just started to crouch, I've ruled that out. She will tolerate being picked up, but depending on her mood, might give me a severe pecking if I attempt to fuss her.

She seems generally fit and healthy, with a particular liking for sunbathing. The others don't really give her a hard time, unless leapt on from the shrubbery, so I don't think she's being bullied. I suspect that Maeve has her little chicken eye on the position of Top Hen. Somehow, I don't think that her current tactic will work.

Last time I saw her do it to Mabel, my largest girl cocked her head to one side, watched Maeve's 'I'm hard, me' display, and then sat on her.

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  1. I have a Little Maeve too except she is a rescued hen.. and she has her own blog as well!!