Saturday, 9 July 2011

I've Done It Again....

Yep. I can't be trusted. My 'look' at a breeder's baby pekins turned in to a 'buy'. Want a look?

The buff girl is now called Winnie, and she's about six weeks old. The charming blue and white little lady is Flo, and about eight weeks old. They are both utterly adorable and squidgy (Disclaimer: Do not actually squidge baby pekins. No good will come of it.)

The rest of the flock seem only minimally interested, although Betsy really wants to get at the growers pellets.

If I so much as look at hatching eggs, slap me.


  1. they are lovely, i like the names and flo is such an unusual colour. i will enjoy getting to know these ladies

    Gill (sevenofwands)

  2. Super cute gals! How are introductions going. We are in introduction stage with seven week olds.