Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Rough Patch Got Rougher

Hoppy died yesterday. My chicken sitter called me to give me the sad news, and my heart sank. As I said in my last post, she had stopped developing and I suspected that she was a weak chick. But I very much hoped that she would have a longer life than a mere 8 weeks. Out of the five chicks that I have hatched, only Hoppy was a girl. I feel a little cursed.

I doubt I will hatch again this year. To be honest, I'm feeling quite despondent about the whole chicken keeping exercise right now. As much as I love my girls, sometimes when you get a run of losses and bad health, it can all seem a bit much. No doubt I will rally myself and find my enthusiasm again, but right now I rather feel like weeping. Tomorrow, Smudge and Silvio head off to their new home, so I will be back to square one with my serama. So much effort for nothing. I think I can safely say that the serama hatching experiment has failed.

I promise that I won't post again unless I have cheered up.


  1. Post anyway - we all need company when things aren't going so well xx

  2. It's all a learning process. There's a blessing in this for you - if you just refuse to sit down and give up. You can do this, Girly Girl! What you already HAVE accomplished in this was... finding out you've got more tailbone (versus the flab some of us carry in our cheeks) for committing and following through with that first jump!