Saturday, 11 December 2010

The Palace Is Suitably Adorned

Now that the snow and ice have made a temporary retreat, the ever tolerant husband and I got outside this morning to clean the Palace run. The girls took the opportunity to have some time rampaging around the garden which was lovely to see. The poor things haven't left the Palace in over a week. They don't do the cold, white stuff. The garden has gone from a scene of serene, beautiful winter to a recreation of the Somme. I'm sure I used to have a lawn under the mud somewhere.

On a happier note, may I present the unveiling of the Palace's fab new sign:

A very talented Twitter friend made it for me, and I love it.

That's Mabel and Maude starring in paint form. The Mighty Mille's deserve recognition.

I am ridiculously pleased with it, and have deliberately placed it on the end of the Palace which gets the least sunlight to prevent fading. It's also visible from the kitchen, and every time I see it I grin. The ever tolerant husband is bemused but glad that I am no longer hassling him to make me a sign.

Now for the solar powered fairy lights.

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