Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Chook Palace Cometh

After weeks of wrangling, comparing and agonising, the chook palace has been ordered! I am stupidly excited, and even did a little dance which left the children bewildered. My ladies will, in around four weeks, be living in five star luxury accomodation. I have ordered a Thicket, from Smiths Sectional Buildings which is being built in the mirror image of this pic:

I am having the layout reversed to allow maximum shelter from the elements for the girls (never let it be said that I haven't thought this through!). The house is 5 ft 3" by 8 ft, so masses of room for my little chooks. It also boasts four nest boxes, a removable perch block and long carry handles which can double as in run perches. The only downside is that its not quite the walk in run I envisioned, but the superior quality means that I will deal with hunching over to clear the bedding.

So, what do you think?


  1. Oh how exciting! I like the kick boards round the base, it will keep any bedding in, too.

  2. Yes, a must for me! Plus will act as a bit of a windbreak for my little ladies :)

  3. Has the palace arrived yet ?

  4. Not yet! Hopefully, within the next three weeks ;)