Thursday, 25 March 2010

An Accidental Purchase

I have had an accident. A terrible, ebay related accident. I was perusing chickenny stuff (as you do) when I saw a second hand manual incubator. Just a little, hobbyist one. I watched in horror as my fingers danced across the keyboard, and made a bid. I then watched in even more horror as the end of the auction dawned, and my bid won. Oops.

The ever tolerant husband has so far said nothing. I suspect he is biding his time. At some point, he will no doubt raise this accidental aquisition, and inquire as to my intentions. I have no idea what I will tell him.

Yes, in an ideal world, I would love to hatch some frizzle pekins. On first glance, it all seems like a Very Good Idea. However, I'm not completely clueless. Hatching chicks comes with responsibilities. The greatest of these responsibilities as far as I'm concerned is dealing with the resultant boys. I would love to keep a cockerel, but it is just not going to happen. So then you have a problem. There are many more cockerels hatched every year than will ever be needed. Indeed, it can be hard to even give them away. Responsible breeders often choose to cull any male chicks as soon as they're identifiable. I want to be responsible, and that is what is giving me pause for thought.

If I do hatch, I will only be popping three or four eggs in to the incubator. Out of those eggs, it's concievable that two could hatch boys. It is possible to rehome such a small number, perhaps, but it is in no way guaranteed.

More thought required.


  1. I raised a lot of chicks last year, ducks too and I managed to find homes for all the excess males, so much so that I'm a cockerel short at the moment (a visitor casually mentioned they would like a cockerel & he was boxed up & in her car in a flash!)Just enjoy your incubating & raising, there are plenty of ways to home your excess, Freecycle etc. If you do special breeds you will find homes no problem.
    Finally I don't think it will be "just a few eggs" don't you know hatching eggs is addictive, you won't be able to stop!

  2. I have a very average suburban garden, so I really can't breed loads (much as I would love to). Its also the reason why I can't have any boys :(. I am desperate for a pekin frizzle, and they are very hard to get hold of here for some reason. This seemed like a good way to get the birds I want, and possibly sell a few excess. Now, just to convince the hubby....

  3. Pekin frizzles are quite desirable I think so hopefully you wouldn't have too much trouble rehoming unwanted boys, but you usually have to give them away FOC or for a nominal amount. It is a real dilemma though even when you are lucky enough to be able to keep cockerels as I am. I hatched 13 bantams last year & of those it now seems 8 are cockerels!! And it would be unlucky, but feasible to hatch ALL boys if you only do a few eggs at a time. No easy answer I'm afraid hun :-/