Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Health Update

Well, the course of antibiotics finished yesterday. Mini still has a fat eyelid, and some stubborn thick pus. She seems ok-ish in herself, but is avoiding the others. When let out to free range, she sticks close to the coop, only venturing out of the covered run if chased. However, she is still eating and drinking. All in all, she is an enigma. Every day I brace myself to find her dead in the coop, and every day I am greeted with a squinting, dirty chicken warbling 'meh-meh!'. Perhaps if I plead with her, she'll spontaneously recover? It might be worth a shot, I've tried just about everything else!

The weather has turned decidedly cold, here, and the girls are unimpressed. My sensible pekin ladies take themselves into the warm, dry coop at the first sign of inclement weather. The silkies tend to stand in the middle of the garden, getting soaked through before they realise that it's happening. A soggy silkie is a very sorry sight. Quite amusing, though.

Today I collected three eggs from the nest box. So, as well as Maeve and Kiki laying, I suspect that Margot is joining in. I'm not certain, though, so for now the 'mystery egg' remains layer-less in my egg chart.

Although it has been added to the egg box going to one of the children's teacher's for christmas.

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